Different Recipes Of Oats For Snacks And Breakfast

Oats like brown rice and whole wheat come with tons of health benefits along with various recipes

Oats recipes for snacks

Whole oat groats

The total cooking time of oat groats would take 5-60 minutes except for the soaking part as it needs a huge overnight soak before cooking. Oat groats are hulled oat Kernels which means the outermost layers which are inedible have been removed from whole grain oats. Firstly, you need to soak it right or it might take longer to boil or cook. Whole oat groats are quite chewy and go fine with salads, pilafs and cooked stews. These are easier to cook in an instant pot or pressure cooker works as well.

Rolled or regular oats

These could be made similar to Indian poha and they are steamed as well as rolled flatten which can be consumed as much as you want without cooking. This could be cooked quite fast and is always good to use for organic since we do not rinse and are consumed directly.

Scottish oatmeal

The whole groats might get stoned and grounded to a coarse meal, stews and to make porridge. The full cooking time would be about 15-20 minutes and these are also used to make chicken oats soup or even lentil oats soup.

Oats recipe for breakfast or dinner

Oats upma

It is an easy and simple dish that can be made similar to South Indian RavaUpma and could be made by using any kind of oats. You can also add plain or mixed vegetables with quick oatmeal and rolled oats.

Oats Masala Dosa

The South Indian style Crispy dosa is made with oatmeal as well as spiced with potato stuffing. It is quite similar to South Indian masala dosa and is great for having breakfast or dinner.

Oats egg omelet

This is one of the super quick 10 minutes oats recipes that would be added to your new favorite if you are an omelet lover for breakfast. You can also serve this item in a meal with a bowl of soup and also along with Kathi rolls and sandwiches.

Coconut oats

It could be used when you are running late for office or work, this may be used for a quick breakfast recipe using fresh coconut and oats along with basic spices. It is specifically served with rice and is also similar to South Indian coconut rice.

Various kinds of oats are present in markets, grab some and make delicious items for your breakfast and snacks.


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