Different world cuisines and their specialities

These popular world cuisines are some of the widely consumed food around the world.

People across the world are different and so is their culture. And the one thing that is hugely influenced by the culture is the Food. Thus it is found that different regions in the world have different food which led to the different cuisines. But culture is not the only influence cuisines have, environment and nature also plays a great role in influencing the cuisine. Availability of ingredients at a particular region makes the basis of any food and thus every cuisine that we eat has the essences of that particular place and culture. But where the cuisines are divided by the cultures and religion, it has been united by the taste across the globe. Some of the cuisines in the world became so famous that they are being enjoyed worldwide and have been served in different parts of the world on a daily basis. And some of these world-renowned cuisines are  : 

Chinese Cuisine

One of the most enjoyed and most renowned cuisines around the world is Chinese cuisines. Chinese dishes mostly contain a mixture of vegetables that are stir-fried and combined with aromatic spices and herbs. The USP (Unique Selling Proposition )of this cuisine is that it is cooked in a high flame. The Chinese cooking styles have also influenced other foods from Korea, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Sweet and sour chicken and chop suey are the most popular Chinese dishes outside of China.

Indian Cuisine

Known for their spicy curries, Indian dishes have been regarded as one of the tastiest cuisines in the world. The amazing range of spices, chillies, and herbs combine to make some of the spiciest foods in the world. And the most interesting thing about this cuisine is its range and variety of food. The cuisine itself is divided into several sub-cuisines like Mughlai, North- Indian, South- Indian, Bengali, Gujarati, etc, where each region in India has its own ethnic foods and dishes.

Tandoori chicken, Chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, butter naan and Gulabjamun are some of the popular dishes around the world.

 Italian Cuisine

Italian cuisine is regarded as one of the best types of food in the world. Pizza and pasta have become a household name and has been used as a staple in some countries other than Italy. Italian dishes are known for their usage of very few ingredients and that too fresh. Many classic Italian dishes have their regional name in their title. For example, spaghetti Bolognese from Bologna and Parma ham or Parmesan cheese from Parma. Like Indian food Italian cuisines also have variation influenced by their different regions like Neapolitan cuisine is famous for foods like pizzas, spaghetti, and mozzarella. Whereas lasagna, tortellini, and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese are from areas around Bologna and Modena.

The most famous Italian dishes around the world are pizza, pasta, spaghetti, and ice creams.

 Japanese Cuisine

Japanese food has gained popularity in recent times. Japanese food has been rich in carbohydrates and proteins with the excessive use of rice, fish and tofu. But they are also very healthy as most of the dishes are raw or boiled with very little spices. Tea is another such thing that has been popular around the world, with the variety of green tea, oolong tea, or jasmine tea, it has one of the best varieties of tea. The most well-known type of Japanese food is sushi.

 Thai Cuisine

Thai cuisine is all about strong spicy flavours that incorporate sweet, sour, and hot elements. Spices, herbs, and sauces are widely used in Thai dishes and are one of the major ingredients. Traditionally Thai food is served with rice or noodles. Even spicy Thai soups or broths usually contain basic rice noodles. Thai curry, Pad Thai, green curry, and tom yum goong are some of the most enjoyed Thai dishes across the globe.

Apart from these cuisines French, Lebanese, Mediterranean Turkish and Moroccan are some of the popular cuisines around the world.

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