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Do you need to switch to asymmetric tyres

There are different tyes of tyres available in the market and many car lovers know about them. Tyres have existed for over a decade and as a result you will find automobile enthusiasts talking about them and giving advices on the type of tyre one should have. Let’s discuss about asymmetric tyres and the benefits of their tread patterns.

Asymmetric patterns can be found on both winter and summer tyres as they have their own significance. Symmetric tyres on the other hand are designed nowadays for small cars and vehicles that deliver goods. As you may get from their name, asymmetric tyres have more than one type of tread designs in their tread block which are vastly un-similiar from each other. As a result they perform more than one function. The tread pattern on the outer line of the tyre is designed to provide effective cornering and responsive handling whereas the ones the middle are there for providing superior amount of stability and traction on the road.


Asymmetric tyres generally have deeper tread blocks that allows more rubber to come in contact with the road, increasing the grip. They also helps in preventing hydroplaning, a serious situation which arises when too much water gets stored under the tyres. That is why this tread pattern is effective on wet roads and it is highly used in winter tyres. There are several advantages of using asymmetric tread –

How To Fit These Tyres

It is a bit tricky to fit asymmetric tyres in your vehicles because of their tread patterns. They have two different kinds of tread designs, one the outside and other on the inside. While fitting the tyres, one should make sure that the direction of the tread is appropriate. It is because of you fit the treads in the wrong direction, it might lead to poor handling of the vehicle. Also, one should make sure that they know how to identify the outside tread design. It is generally recommended to call a tyre fitter or an expert to mount the tyres as it not an easy job.

What Happen When You Do Not Fit Them In A Correct Manner

If asymmetric tyres are not fitted correctly, they will lead to poor handling and even accidents. Tyres are important and if you fit them wrong, they can become deadly for you. Also, it increases the noise level and reduces the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Therefore, it is advisable to not fix the tyres yourself if you do not have any prior experience in the field.

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