Easy and quick recipes to make sweet potato

No brainer easy to make steps for a quick meal

The delicious sweet potato is not something that needs to be over-looked for its colour or taste but something that you need to include in your shopping list and put right to cooking it. Sweet potato has many health benefits and is packed with healthy nutrients like fiber and Vitamin A, at the same time, they are easy to prepare.

It is so versatile that you can mash them or bake them making a sweet dish or a savory main dish for the dinner table. Right from a cheesy vegetable dish to blending them into soup or dice them into the perfect taco filling, there is no dearth of making a sweet potato dish. So here are a few easy-to-make sweet potato dishes that are quick and delicious to make.

Sweet Potato slices
Gather one large sweet potato, two tablespoons of avocado oil, a pinch of sea salt, and parsley for garnishing. Wash and slice the sweet potato into slightly less than 1/4 inch thick, do not remove the skin. In a large pot add oil and let it heat. Now slowly add the sliced sweet potatoes sprinkle with salt and cover. Turn the heat down and cook for about three-four minutes or until the underside is golden brown. Once it is golden brown on one side, flip the slices and cover again. Once done, serve on a plate and sprinkle some parsley and a sauce of your choice. Voila, enjoy!

Baked sweet potato
All you need is a few medium-sized sweet potatoes, a few vegetables of choice, oil, a dressing sauce, cheese – cheddar and parmesan, salt, black pepper, and parsley for garnishing. Wash and slit the sweet potatoes in the center. Now, bath them in oil, place them on the pan, and heat them in the oven for about five-seven minutes till tender. Take them out and scrap the inside of the sweet potato from the slit portion. In another bowl, add the vegetables of your choice, scrapped sweet potato, cheese, salt, black pepper, and the sauce of your choice. Add this mixture to the pocketed potatoes and bake for another three-four minutes. Take them out, garnish with parsley and serve.

Sweet potato taco
All you need for this one is about two to three large sweet potatoes, vegetables like bell pepper, lettuces, onions and tomatoes, salt, black pepper, and tortillas. Slice the sweet potatoes along with other vegetables and throw them in a pan. Add salt and black pepper as per taste and cook for a few minutes until tender. Once done, place them on the tortillas and serve.

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