Edible Gold: Most expensive food additive in the world

Men and women around the world love to adorn gold ornaments. But not everyone knows that gold can also be consumed as it entails several health benefits for us.

Gold has bedazzled humankind from times immemorial. It has always been associated with luxury, opulence and being a status symbol. Have you ever thought, if we can wear Gold, why can’t we eat it? It’s not a jibe but a fact! Edible Gold remains one of the most expensive culinary indulgences nowadays.

How is it used in food preparations?

To understand this more, we have to know what kind of Gold is generally used in food. It is available in the form of dust, flake and leaves. Interestingly, 22/24 karat pure gold is hammered into sheets to reach 1/8000 millimetre of thickness to become gold leaves and flakes. The use of gold leaf for decorating traditional sweets in the Indian subcontinent is not new. It is used nowadays not only in ice creams, baked goodies but also in sushi and burgers!

Benefits of edible Gold

The west may argue about the health benefits of edible Gold, but Indian Ayurveda advocates the benefits of edible gold dust or Swaran Bhasam. Not only beneficial for your overall health, gold is the elixir for skin too. A real gold flake facial not only brings the glow to your face but also provides indulgence. So, it’s up to you how much would you spend to pamper yourself!

Why is Edible Gold such a fad amongst food connoisseurs?

Now the question arises what makes Gold such a sought-after food additive even when it does not have a taste and doesn’t add any flavour. The answer lies in the fact that eating gold is the apex of opulence and has become such a craze amongst the privileged that now everyone wants to have access to high-end food such as burger wrapped in gold leaf sheets which can cost a whopping $600. Not only burgers, you can also have pizza garnished with 24k gold leaf which is available for up to $400.

There is a trend among millennials for food items that are laced with gold dust, gold flakes, gold leaves, ranging from bagels to milkshakes to even gold glitter sprinkled chicken wings. It also provides relevance to the older lot as it not just reduces wrinkles and fine lines but also provides health benefits like improved immunity and mental health. Gold is also safe to be eaten as your body can’t absorb or digest Gold leaf.

Gold has been a symbol of indulgence and luxury throughout the history of mankind, and edible gold gives the same sense of opulence to our palate. .

Want to indulge, let’s eat some gold!