Expensive fruits found around the world.

This world is full of expensive things, but did you know fruits are one of them? 

We do not need to have a conversation on what fruits are? Or what it looks like? They are differently shaped and coloured edible items that grow in farm or kitchen gardens. Most of us show tantrums when offered fruits but do not feel guilty after eating them. They act as a healthy snack, rich in vital supplements, such as vitamins, folic acid, zinc and phosphorus. Fruits come in handy because they can be eaten raw directly after washing. Also, they get used as toppings in various dessert items, such as custard, ice creams, etc.

However, some people go out of their way and plant a modified variety of exotic fruits. Unfortunately, these fruits aren’t found in every supermarket near your house but are sold exclusively in a particular place. Therefore, if you want to taste it, you need to pay a handsome price.

Here is a list of expensive fruits found around the world.

Taiyo No Tamago Mangoes costs ₹ 2.7 lakh/kg. Also known as Miyazaki mango, it is the world’s costliest mango cultivated in Japan. Miyazaki mangoes are egg-shaped, bright red coloured fruit with sweet orange flesh inside. Therefore, it is also known as an egg of the sun. Every year it is getting auctioned for a humongous amount per pair. In 2020, a couple from India seven of these rare variety mangoes and kept it guarded with six dogs.

Sembikiya Queen Strawberries costs ₹6500/dozen. It got its name from one of the oldest fruit shops in Tokyo- Sembikiya. These strawberries get sold in a box of handpicked twelve pieces. Every piece looks similar in shape and appearance- that is, crimson red and shiny. These strawberries are the sweetest and one of the most expensive fruits found across the world.

Dekopon Orange costs ₹6000 for six pieces. Cultivated in Japan, Dekopon Orange is the seedless variety of oranges and a hybrid between Kiyomi and Ponkan. In other words, it is a cross between orange and mandarin. Also, it is the costliest member of the citrus family.

Buddha-shaped Pear costs ₹664/piece. It is the unique variety of fruits listed here. As the name suggests, it is pear-shaped like Buddha’s statue. The Chinese farmer, Xianzhang Hao, proposed the idea. He cultivated little pears in Buddha statue shaped moulds to give them the desired shape.

Ruby Roman Grapes costs ₹33000/bunch. It is the world’s most expensive grapes from the farms of Japan. It usually gets sold in a handpicked bunch of grapes with over 30g weight and 18% sugar content. These get selected for premium quality taste.

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