Fact Check: Debunking the Most Followed Cooking Myths

No matter if you are a pro or a newbie, there are several myths we have been hearing and even following regarding cooking. These are myths precisely for the reason that there’s no scientific evidence to prove it yet we follow these diligently. Fret not, we are here to debunk some of the most commonly followed cooking myths.

Microwaving robs food of its nutrients

This one is one of the longest standing cooking myths. When compared with other cooking methods like boiling, microwave exposes food to less intense heat and for a shorter duration. In some cases, this actually helps in keeping the nutrient loss at a minimum. In fact, when broccoli is boiled, it loses much of its organic compounds whereas microwaving helps retain them.

Not Washing Cast Iron Pan

You must have heard it innumerable times- do not wash your cast iron pan with soap and sponge! It is time to re-think that. A standard dish soap cannot affect a pan that has been polymerized properly with oil. If you still have doubts, take the safest route and wash your pans with simple water and sponge.

Rinsing Pasta with Cold Water

Giving your pasta a cold rinse after being boiled is a myth that is followed by many. However, rinsing pasta in cold water will make it cooler than you’d like and remove all starches from the pasta that make the sauces stick to it.

Baking Soda Doesn’t Go Bad

We have seen people using baking sodas and powders for longer duration than they should be. Just because these ingredients do not rot, it makes people believe that they don’t go bad! That’s absolutely untrue as leavening agents reduce their efficacy when used post the expiration date. These need to replaced with new ones every 6-12 months.

Raw Tomatoes are Always Healthier

Not necessarily! Most people believe in the myth that cooking strips vegetables of their key nutrients, however that’s not always the case. In fact, most vitamin stay unaffected by heat and lycopene in tomatoes actually increase when they are cooked.

From flattened cakes to burnt vegetables, even the most experienced of cooks make mistakes behind the stove. It is best to not fall for everything you hear when it comes to cooking and learn to differentiate between facts and myths through your own experience. So stop falling for these cooking myths and make sure that every meal you cook is more delicious and healthy than your last one!