Famous Fictional Detectives You Wish were Real (Part I)

Filled with twists and turns, crime, suspense, murders, and a cool intelligent sleuth, there is something enthralling about detective stories that always captivates the audience. Most of the detectives in literature and movies are eccentric geniuses who use their intelligence and wit to solve cases of varying degrees. There have been many famous fictional detectives in literature over many years. Here we have created a list of five famous fictional detectives we wish were real:

Sherlock Holmes 

Sherlock Holmes is a famous detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote a total of sixty stories that involved Sherlock Holmes. 

Sherlock Holmes without a doubt is the most famous fictional detective ever created. His technique to solve mysteries is known as ‘Science of Deduction’ which became quite famous after the BBC web series Sherlock featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in the titular role. The character of Sherlock Holmes has totally appeared in sixty all written by Arthur Conan Doyle. The character of Sherlock Holmes has been adapted both in television series and feature films many times.

The Hardy Boys

Joe and Frank Hardy popularly known as The Hardy Boys featured in many novels and they are quite famous, especially among young readers. 

The Hardy Boys consists of two brothers Frank and Joe Hardy featured in various detective books for children and teens. The teenagers Joe and Frank Hardy are amateur detectives who solve cases that surprise even the police and adult sleuths. The characters of The Hardy Boys were created by an American author Edward Stratemeyer in 1927 and after that many stories of The Hardy Boys were written by various ghost writers along with Edward Stratemeyer. From the time of its inception, the characters of Frank and Joe Hardy have been changed many times but the souls of the characters are the same as those of intelligent teenage sleuths.


HerculePoirot is arguably the most famous detective in literature after Sherlock Holmes. This famous sleuth is created by the well-known fictional writer Dame Agatha Christie.

HerculePoirot is a Belgian detective created by Dame Agatha Christie and it appeared first time in Christie’s 1920 detective novella The Mysterious Affair at Styles. Pairot is a retired Belgian police officer who is famous for his enduring mustache and mystery solving talent, Poirot appeared in many books, TV series and movies. He is quite intelligent, extremely aware and intuitive and a wonderful detective who fled to England during WWI and made it his home country. He is more introverted and laid-back as compared to other fictional detectives but his crime solving abilities are second to one.

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