Famous people who struggled with stuttering

There is a saying that there is always comfort in the knowledge that you don’t suffer alone.

Stuttering is known to effects people of all walks and ages of life. People who suffer from stuttering always are low in confidence and are embarrassed by their condition. They are often alone, bullied and indulge in self-pity. But the truth is, you are not alone; there are many people that have the same struggle as you. The celebrities whom you like and aspire to be had speech disorders. Here is a list of celebrities who struggled with stuttering and overcame it successfully.

King George VI

Father of current monarch Queen Elizabeth II, King George VI, struggled with stuttering from a very young age. This made him a bit underconfident and prince in the shadows. But when his brother Edward VIII abdicated throne to marry Wallis Simpson, the spotlight was on him. The stuttering, quiet brother of King was now King. But he didn’t give up, and with the help of speech therapy and determination, he was able to give the inspirational radio message to his people when Britain entered the second world war.

President Joe Biden

Joe Biden, 46th President of the United States, had quite a struggle with stuttering in his 20s. He remarked that when he was surrounded by people he didn’t know, he could not speak coherently. But he never let this become a disability and started reciting poems in front of the mirror. To make himself more confident, he forced himself to take part in activities that involved public speaking.  But he always mentions that this speech disorder strengthened him and made him a better person.

Ed Sheeran

The popular and young British musician, Ed Sheeran, is one of the most influential singers across the globe. His story is truly inspirational, be it his journey from a street performer to a superstar or his successful overcoming of stuttering. He felt that the hardest part of stuttering was knowing what he wanted to say and not being able to do that. His love for music and singing is what pulled him out and cured his stuttering to a great extent.

Richard Branson

The owner of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, too struggled with stuttering when he was just eight years old. He was also dyslexic and unable to read but that didn’t stop him from following his dream.  He advises people who suffer from stuttering by relaxing and talking as if you are talking to your dearest friends.

So, don’t let anything hamper your growth and confidence!