Fascinating facts about ambidextrous

Merely 1% of the world’s population has the ability to use both hands equally proficiently. Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla are a few of the many famous ambidextrous; let’s know few more interesting facts about ambidextrous people.

They have symmetrical brain

Right-handed people have a strong left-brain dominance. On the other hand, the hemispheres of the ambidextrous and right-handed people’s brain are symmetric. This makes them better at adapting and functioning in difficult life situations. They are also more creative!

They have an extraordinary memory power

The University of Toledo carried out a study suggesting that either handed people are found to have larger corpus callosum that connects both the hemispheres of the brain. This gives them an exceptional memory power naturally.

They are not so religious

When it comes to religion, right and left-handed tend to be more religious. On the other hand, ambidextrous are said to be more of an atheist.

They are claimed to have relatively lower general intelligence

Ambidextrous people score low on fields such as mathematics, arithmetic and reasoning ability. They even have a slightly higher chance of having ADHD, which means they may have difficulty with language skills or performing well academically.

They are a highly creative set

While the symmetrical brain gives them a lower IQ, it blesses them with highly creative thinking. Ambidextrous have a broader perspective as compared to other people and are often likely to be associated with creative fields like art.

They don’t have a dominant foot either

Usually, people who have a dominant hand also tend to have a dominant foot. In case of Ambidextrous people, as their mind works in a synchronized manner, they generally don’t have a dominant side at all.

Most of the Ambidextrous people are ambisinistral

Ambidextrous people are extremely rare. There are many people who undergo rigorous training to be ambisinistral like athletes, boxers, basketball players. They are pushed to use both their hands to be more efficient at their task.

They can easily get annoyed

They have highly interlinked brain hemisphere connections that is correlated to increased awkwardness, moodiness and even clumsiness. This makes ambidextrous slightly more likely to be angry!

So, if you happen to know an ambidextrous person, you should feel lucky to know some of the rarest human beings.

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