Favourite Brain Games

Increase your IQ while playing

From the very beginning of human evolution, it was genuinely found that the human brain has been developed gradually along with the development of grey matter. The development has gone through so many stages and now reached the high tech society where metaverse is under process.

Capitalism has done one great thing, it has pulled out the maximum capacity of the human brain. But, alongside it has created a huge problem too.

In this game of profit, most of the underprivileged people have been provided mostly the notorious and destructive products of capitalism in thethe form of mobile games, and those games have reduced the level of intellect day-by-day.

It is now a genuine crisis that the average level of intellect, especially of the youth, has been deteriorated heavily. And hence it is necessary to revolve the intellect through some very casual processes. Brain games are most effective in this case.

Here are a few brain games people love to play.


It is a game played with pen and paper, between two people. One of them uses a cross and another uses a circle. A table is drawn with nine boxes, three rows and three columns, and both the players put their sign in the boxes in a one-on-one process with a target to create a linear alignment with their sign. One who succeeds wins the game.


This is a very funny and very interesting brain game. There is a table with some blank boxes and some filled with alphabets. Blank boxes are numbered in a specific manner and one has to fill up those blanks to write down the exact word according to the given suggestions.


Kids do love to play with puzzles. There are different kinds of puzzle games available with different levels of difficulty. There are photo puzzles, word puzzles, numeric puzzles and many more available in the market and this game helps in the development of children’s minds.


It is a very interesting numeric game where there is a table of 81 boxes, consisting of 9 different tables and each of them consists of 9 boxes. Some of the boxes are filled with single digit numbers. The task is to put single digit numbers in the blank boxes in such a way that each of the 9-boxed tables should contain all the single digit numbers. There should be no repetition of any digit in a 9-boxed table. And each line of the 81-boxed table should follow the same manner. It is really a very involving and IQ developing brain game.

Besides, chess, Rubik’s cube are also very effective brain games.

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