Few Italian desserts that you simply can’t resist

When the dessert is on your plate, a few more calories won’t really hurt. Right?

If you are a dessert lover, how can you miss Italian desserts? It is such a significant part and parcel of Italian culture that it will simply provoke you to connect with them. It can be suitable for each and every occasion, no matter if you are happy, sad or in the mood for a celebration with friends and family. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have any idea what Tiramisu is. Let’s know more about other Italian desserts in the following article.

Tiramisu, the best Italian dessert ever made.

Whenever it’s the matter of having an Italian dessert, nothing can beat the taste and flavour of Tiramisu. Just think about the perfect combination of tender spongy finger biscuits, rich coffee, layers of Mascarpone cheese cream and plenty of dark chocolate. Not only is the combination good, but easy to make as well. No matter whether you are enjoying the end of your meal or taking a break from your hectic day, Tiramisu can be your best companion.

 Italian Waffle Cookies, easy and classic Pizzelle

It is like a light and tasty waffle cookie which needs a Pizzelle iron to form into some gorgeous shapes and patterns. The process of its making is so addictive that you won’t be able to stop after starting the entire process. Generally, they are in the vanilla flavour, but they can also be made in lemon, almond and chocolate flavour. Make sure to whisk the eggs properly and finally mix all the ingredients in a gentle hand in order to make the cookies light and crispy.

A silky-smooth dessert called Chocolate Vanilla Berry Panna Cotta Tart

It is an extremely simple dessert option made with sweetened cream and Gelatin. The dough used in this dessert has to be the chocolate-chocolate flavoured one so that the colour combination of white cream and chocolate base looks absolutely stunning. I hope you already have an idea of its taste and flavour.

Italian- style candied chestnut is totally different

The process of its making is entirely different from the rest mentioned in this article. It is made of raw chestnuts. The first thing you need to do is to boil the nuts gently to peel off the skin, then soak them in the sugar syrup flavoured with vanilla. Finally, after it’s done, the texture will be like dried apricot, extremely soft and moist.

So, that’s all for this article. Don’t forget to mention which one you like the most and why.


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