Few Veg Pizza recipes for veggie lovers

“There is no better feeling in the world than a warm pizza box in your lap”. – Kevin James.

Pizza is our all-time favourite. When we think of pizza, the first thing that comes to our mind is that it has to be made with non-veg toppings. But who says it is only for non-vegetarians? Vegetarians can cherish it too, with so many different toppings. In this article, we will talk about some veg pizza recipes, and the best thing is that they can be made with simple ingredients available at home. You can also use different types of crust like homemade gluten-free or whole wheat crust or buy good quality pizza crust from stores.  Now let’s look at the recipes-

Sun-Dried Tomato Pizza

This is one of the tastiest options for veg pizza lovers. As you can understand, tomato is used as the main topping, giving a sweet and sour flavour to this recipe. Traditionally, it is made on a flatbread called lavash, but you can also use pizza dough if lavash is hard to find. First, you need to make your flatbread or pizza dough, add some pizza sauce, and use dried tomatoes as the main topping. Olives and cheese can also be added as the pizza is incomplete without these ingredients. Then bake your pizza and garnish it with a bit of salt and olive oil. If you need it to be a bit spicy, you can also go for some chilli flakes.

Egg and Sweet Potato Pizza

This is a perfect breakfast pizza option with the goodness of egg and sweet potato. Cubed sweet potatoes and eggs are used as the main ingredients. You can prepare the base with gouda cheese and sweet potatoes, and the egg is added on the top to be fully or half baked. Then, relish the goodness of it with a bit of salt and chilli flakes.


It is a different style of pizza making, originated in Argentina that has no cheese but a cheesy texture. In this recipe, the focaccia-type crust is used and topped with sauteed onion and oregano. Serve it with a salad made of pears and blue cheese if you make the cheese-less version of it. So, don’t miss this South American version of tasty pizza.

Veg sausage, grilled pumpkin and mushrooms can go very well as pizza toppings. So, please let me know what is your favourite topping to relish your pizza with?


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