Few Winter- special Bengali delicacies that must be on your hot favourite list

No doubt, Bengalis are very much foodies, and when it’s winter, the craving gets redoubled because of the presence of multiple winter special delicacies.

Bengalis love to have fun. That’s why the perfect line to describe the Bengalis is ‘Baromasheteroparbon‘ (which means there is always some kind of celebration for Bengalis throughout the year). What makes these celebrations more compact is the uncountable options of Bengali cuisine. In this article, we’ll talk about the winter, which is synonymous with endless celebrations like picnics, parties, poush parbon and winter vacation. And what adds to their delight is the variety of winter-special treats that will definitely make your vacation complete. And if you are a foodie, then I hope you have already imagined how important this season is going to be for you. Here, I picked up a few most important dishes that you must try this winter.

KoraishutirKochuri will be an ideal choice for your breakfast.

It is a perfect Bengali style kachori, predominantly available in the winter. This fluffy and crispy kachori is stuffed with Koraishuti (green Peas) and different types of spices which is an ideal breakfast or dinner during winters. The taste of this reaches the next level when paired with spicy dum aloo. All you need to do is to visit any Bengali sweet shop or Bengali household to have the great taste of this kachori.

Phulkopir Singara is a delicious option in veg.

Winter means the availability of the abundance of vegetables, and Cauliflower needs a special mention because of its usage in different dishes. It is widely used in Bengali cuisine to whip up various dishes. One of such dishes is called PhulkopirSingara (samosa, stuffed with Cauliflower). The stuffing is basically made of Cauliflower, potato and some spices, and finally, it is wrapped in a sheet of flour and deep-fried. You can enjoy the heavenly taste with a Bengali style sweet chutney or even with tomato ketchup.

Luchi with Begun bhaja is typically a winter thing

Small round fluffy luchi with begun bhaja (fried brinjal) is a well-known Bengali breakfast during winters. King-size brinjal, cut in big round shapes and deep-fried, is the perfect way to have it with luchi. So, don’t miss out on the great taste of the brinjal during winters.

So, if you also can think of more such dishes, feel free to let us know. And don’t forget to mention which one is your favourite and why.


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