Five Cool Creature Collecting Games That You Must Try

When you think about creature-catching games, there’s a pretty good chance that the first game that comes to your mind is Pokémon. It wasn’t the first of its kind and it certainly won’t be the last, but it popularized the genre on a global level.

The idea of using creatures or monsters to fight on behalf of the players in a role-playing game was not started by the Pokémon franchise. This has invoked a slew of similar gaming concepts and titles from developers looking to put their spin on this successful and appealing formula. Let us check out five cool creature nabbing games that you must try.

Dragon Quest Monsters Series

The Dragon Quest Monsters series always strongly focused on breeding, even before Pokémon had the option. Breeding powerful monsters take a lot of trial and error to get what you want, due to having very few rules. Because of the detailed breeding system, capturing every new creature you encounter during this game is obligatory if you want to create a monster with the best skills and stats. There are six games in the main Dragon Quest Monsters series, with the recent games being exclusive for the Nintendo DS and 3DS.

World Of Final Fantasy Maxima

In World of Final Fantasy, the player controls a twins that capture creatures called mirages to fight for them. The player can stack the mirages to increase their effectiveness in battle. The character design uses the chibi style, but the players can switch to a more realistic look if desired. The game also enables the players to collect items that allow famous characters from previous Final Fantasy games to assist in battle.

Fossil Fighters

Fuse Jurassic Park and Pokémon—and this obscure romp for DS might be the outcome. In the aptly named Fossil Fighters, players are tasked with scouring dig sites to collect Fossil Rocks, that can be cleared away via touch screen, and cobbled together to craft elementally charged “Vivosaurs.” Campy as it may seem, this RPG has a respectable amount of depth lurking beneath its cartoony exterior, featuring a fun, in-depth battle system, and loads of content to dig one’s teeth into.

Nights Of Azure

The protagonist of the game, Arnice, is a monster slayer trying to save her friend’s life, Lilysse, from being sacrificed to the Nightlord. It’s a rather basic action RPG on the surface, but with the neat ability to summon creatures, unlocked through cursed items by way of blood infusions. Arnice can have four monsters equipped to her at once, with each acting on their own unless the satisfying special skills are triggered via one of the mapped buttons.

Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse

By all accounts, the Shin Megami Tensei games seem to be one of the first implementations of acquiring monstrous creatures to aid you in battle. The first of which was Digital Devil Story: Megami Tensei on the Famicom in 1987. Heroes from the first entry used demons to enhance their skills but were not active in battle. This time around there’s a single human party member with the other three slots dominated by said demons. Perhaps the most satisfying part of these games and spinoffs is the ability to fuse two or more monsters to create more powerful ones.

These games should be able to offer plenty of enjoyment for those who love playing creature catching games.


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