Food items you don’t need to refrigerate

To freeze or not to freeze, that’s the question.

Technological advancement enabled us to preserve food items for a long time, thanks to an invention called refrigerators. Though the cold temperature helps us in preserving perishable food for a longer time, it can also impact the quality and nutritional value of your favourite fruits and veggies. So, stop overflowing your refrigerator as these edibles do not need refrigeration.


There is a misconception that butter needs to be refrigerated because it is a diary-based product. While it is true but if you avoid storing it near the heat source or sunlight and keep it in a cool place, it does not require any refrigeration. In fact, butter can outlive us all, as archaeologist recently excavated a 3000-year-old cache of butter!


Though it is common knowledge, if you are freezing onions,then please stop doing it. The biggest problem with keeping onions with other food items in an enclosed space is that they tend to pass on their aroma around. So, many times you have onion smelling yoghurt and milk. Keep your sack of onion in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.


Another food item that would not go rancid and does not requires refrigeration is honey. The only thing that happens to honey is that in cold weather and surrounding, it can crystallize. So, if you are freezing your bottle of honey, you are just increasing the crystallization process.


Stop placing bananas in the refrigerator because they hate it. Yes, it’s true because if you are refrigerating your bananas to make them last, they would instead wilt and turn brown prematurely. So, the best place to keep your bananas is on your kitchen counter at room temperature.


It is seen many times after two or three days of buying bread; people place their loaf in the fridge to avoid moulds. But it dries the bread and messes with the texture. So, always store your bread at room temperature, and if you do need to preserve it for a longer time, then don’t refrigerate it; freeze it.


One of the favourites of Indian households, we all know several ways to cook this delicacy. But how to store them is what the majority of them don’t know about. Studies show that you must store eggplant at room temperature as they seem to thrive there.

Try keeping these food items out of the fridge, and chances are you would the difference by the way they taste.

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