Foods that are bad for your liver

Avoid these foods to keep your liver healthy.

You have probably heard the phrase, “A good life depends on a liver.” Precisely, the phrase is true by all means. The largest organ in the human body, the liver supports a lot of functions that keep you healthy. It activates enzymes, regulates blood sugar levels, promotes blood detoxification, operates bile production, stores nutrients in the cells, encourages the synthesis of plasma production, and more. So, it’s of utmost importance to take proper care of your liver. Otherwise, it may lead you to several issues such as fatigue, obesity, allergies, indigestion, stomach ache, etc. In this article, we will discuss some food items that are harmful to your liver health.

Fatty Foods: Fatty foods such as pizza, burgers, and French fries are not a good choice for your liver. These are loaded with saturated fat that is hard to digest. Over time, it causes inflammation which gradually converts into a condition called cirrhosis. Saturated fats also increase bad cholesterol levels and decrease good cholesterol levels, which is extremely harmfulto your liver.

Sugary Foods: Any type of sugary food is badfor your liver. The list includes candies, pastries, cookies, and more. The liver converts sugar into fat. When you eat too much sugar, excessive fat gets stored in the organ. Over time, it leads you to a condition called fatty liver disease.

Baked Foods: Baked food items (such as cakes) are also added with extra sugar that is bad for the liver. Regular consumption leads you to obesity – which is a trigger of many liver complications. Also, due to the high-fat content, these foods raise the triglyceride levels in the body, which can lead you to numerous liver disorders.

Salty Foods: Excessive salt intake can increase your risk of liver diseases to a large extent. It causes water retention in the blood, which eventually takes a heavy toll on the liver. Also, consuming salty foods excessively disrupts the blood pressure levels – which is a major trigger of liver complications. So, avoid food items like chips, canned soups, salty biscuits, etc.

Soft Drinks: Soft drinks are high in sugar and refined carbohydrates – both are bad for the liver. Consuming soft drinks regularly is linked to the build-up of fats in the organ, which eventually results in fatty liver disease and several other complications. So, to keep the organ healthy, say a big no to these drinks.

The list also includes foods like white bread, pasta, raisins, etc.

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