Foods that Make You Look Young

Youth is associated with life, happiness and beauty. The booming sales of anti-ageing serums, facial treatments and skin tightening surgeries testify to it. In our hearts, we are always sceptical about their side-effects on our body. It cannot be denied that the law of nature works equally on everyone and all of us are getting older with each passing day. While some age early and others manage to push their age for some years, we all secretly wish for a magical elixir which could turn the clock around and grant us our youth forever.

If you look around, you could make your skin look tighter and brighter with some foods which are proven to have age reversal qualities. Read on to find some of them.

Dark Chocolate

Yes! You have heard it right. It is time to give your regular milk chocolate a miss. You need to opt for chocolates with seventy per cent or more cocoa to let the magic work on your body. Dark chocolates are rich in flavonols which aid in protection from harmful Ultraviolet rays of the sun. The skin is also benefitted with skin hydration and fighting free radicals.

Citrus Fruits

With the benefits of folic acid and vitamin C, citrus fruits are loaded with anti-ageing properties and numerous health benefits. They also help in flushing out the toxins from your body. People prefer taking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning to aid the digestive tract. And a friendly suggestion- it is recommended to consume lime, lemon and such highly citrus fruits in moderation or the body might experience acidity and heartburn as a result.


This powerful food helps in keeping cholesterol levels under control. It is a natural antibiotic which has a lot of fungicidal properties to keep infections at bay. Studies have also suggested that garlic prevents the risk of certain cancers and aids in blood circulation.


This fruit is small but comes with antioxidants which help boost anti-ageing properties. Also, blueberries should be eaten to protect you from harmful exposure from sun rays, pollution and free radicals. This tiny berry also ensures a wrinkle-free skin if consumed regularly.


This superfood is great for your health and well-being as it works towards building your cells and prevent them from ageing rapidly. Experts suggest that it should be eaten without sugar or sweetener. To enhance its taste, top it up with fresh fruits or even organic honey for some natural flavours.

Try to tweak your health choices with these foods. You are surely going to be healthy, happy and visibly younger than before!

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