Four Popular Thai Brands Turning Waste Into Stylish Items

It is shocking how garbage is piling up all across the globe, much to the point that about eight million tons of waste flow into the sea each year!

In the face of such problems, the only good signal is that people have become increasingly aware of environmental impacts. Trends for something sustainable have started spreading around the world. Guided by their focus on resource efficiency, many Thai brands have now used their creativity in upcycling waste or discarded items into impressive and stylish products. Here are some popular Thai brands that are in essence the force of sustainability that the world truly needs!

103 Paper

103 Paper makes tempting items for home-décor from scrap paper. The founder of the brand felt inspired to develop decorative items based on paper texture under the tagline “We bring nature back to nature again in a whole new different form”. 103 Paper tears scrap paper from offices into small pieces and mold them into mini paper vases. Thanks to such handmade techniques, products by this brand are truly unique.

Hyperdesign Lab

Clocks by Hyperdesign Lab are Minimalist in style and are made from natural materials like elephant dung. Many might have never imagined before that elephant dung has fiber that is suitable as a raw material for various products. Hyperdesign Lab, which chooses to abandon the wood-fiber only formula, uses a 70-percent elephant dung mixture. About 30 percent of others are paper mulberry and biodegradable PVA. Adding no bleacher, the brand’s paper is very natural, reduces waste at elephant camps, and contributes to environmental protection causes.

From Trash to Treasure Bangkok or ftttbkk

Ftttbkk deploys old clothes in a more stylish way. The brand revives old pieces and mixes them to the point they look absolutely new. With its touch, vintage clothes can chicly transform into new shirts or eye-catching dresses. The brand also produces unique colorful bags from old T-shirts. Complemented by quality zip and strings, these bags are dazzling. They look so new that buyers will easily forget that they are upcycled from old clothes.


This is the first Thai brand of upcycling bag. Sackitem collects discarded rice sacks and cement sacks to turn them into new items. The brand uses sacks that have been used four to five times already to make sure the materials are durable. Then, the sacks are thoroughly cleaned, cut, and sewn for beautiful patterns. The brand’s vast range of products now covers coin wallets, key bags, shoulder bags, travel bags, and much more.

Kind to the Earth, these Thai brands have certainly got the best of upcycling.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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