Fun Games You Should Try With Your Children To Teach Them Patience

Does your kid often get restless and find it almost impossible to wait for their turn to come? To some extent, we all struggle to be patient at times, but it is an essential skill that must be taught to children early on in life.

Perseverance, concentration, and patience are essential skills that one should develop from a tender age. Patience is necessary for problem-solving, overcoming obstacles, and achieving objectives. While, in some individuals, this quality may be innate, others have to develop it with time. Games can be an incredible tool for acquiring and developing patience in children. Here are some fun games you should try with your little ones to help them get rid of restlessness.

Pass the Parcel

Play this classic game with a twist! What you need to do is wrap a present for your kids in several layers and hand it to them. Instead of simply passing the parcel in the traditional way, ask your children to take turns and open one layer at a time. It is an exciting and fun way of teaching patients to them.


Once you are done teaching the game rules to your little one, you are all set to begin the fun. Chess requires perseverance and immense concentration power. It takes a long time before a player becomes skilled at it. But losing the game over and over again can help teach your child to be patient and develop a game strategy while making them more patient and strengthening their ability for anticipation.


Legos are the best source for developing a child’s dexterity and creativity, and they can fire up their imagination. And to top it all, Legos are specifically designed to test an individual’s self-control and patience – in case the project collapses accidentally, compelling them to start from scratch.


Scrabble primarily teaches players to focus on their letters, create high-scoring words, and patiently wait for the missing letters. Since scrabble requires focus and concentration, it keeps players at the moment. Like contemplative or meditative practices, this game can effectively calm the restless thoughts of your churning mind.


This game set includes various shapes of all sizes that can be used to build 60 different vertical structures. The first few structures are simple, but as you keep progressing in the game, the structures become more complex. Equilibrio is a game that you can enjoy with your entire family, and it will help improve your ingenuity, perseverance, and dexterity.

Try out these games with your children as a way of instilling a sense of patience and calmness in them. Good Luck!


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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