Funny things ALL couples in long term relationship do

Text each other from across the room “What do you want for dinner?”

Nothing is off limits for a healthy functioning long term couple. Imagine the beginning of a relationship and how conscious we are about everything – how we look, how we chew and even something as simple as how we sit. There are topics that seem off-topic when we start dating – maybe something about a certain family member. We rarely give our partner the opportunity to witness something embarrassing about us. However, things change when a couple has been together for a really long time.

Long term relationships (you know the healthy ones) are built on trust, security, love, respect and the ability to pee with the door open. If the last thing sounds weird, why don’t you ask a long-term couple if using the bathroom at the same time is a common occurrence or not. Yes, some things might seem weird for us shorter termed couples, but these things get more common when you hit the long-term mark.

Here’s a list of funny things ALL couples in long term relationship do.

Funny names for each other

Not the lovey dovey names like Kuchi-Koo or honeybum. Long term couples might have nicknames for each other that aren’t cute at all.

Use the shower together

Both running late for office? Hoping in the shower together isn’t just about intimacy. It’s efficiency.

One poops while the other uses the shower

Bathroom door stays open. One crushes their teeth while the other takes a dump. Yeap, an usual thing for long term couples.

Texting each other from the same house

Texting your partner to grab the chips from the kitchen and deliver it to your office. Sending each other text messages just to ask “What’s up? I’m bored” while being under the same roof.

Inspecting body moles, hair and other weird growths

There’s no embarrassment with each other about abnormal body growths. Long term couples turn to each other to inspect if there’s a mole needing to be checked out.

Not ashamed of farts

Unlike the beginning of a relationship where you held in your farts, LTR couples will never apologize for letting out a loud, smelly gassy release.

Share loads of gossip

LTR couples tell each other in-depth gossip they heard at office or at a line in grocery shop. Chances are the partner has never even heard of the one being gossiped about. But hey, gossip is gossip.

Trying each other’s clothes

Because long term couples are comfortable with each other, they have, at some point, tried on each other’s jeans and perhaps intimate items just for fun.


Satavisha hails from the city of joy, Kolkata. She took up writing as my profession amid the pandemic when the world was at a standstill. Here, she acquired a balance between her passion for writing and sharing various ideas and facts through her stories.
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