Gaming System: Is It Worth Buying?

There is no dearth of great gaming systems in the present era. The question is; are they worth buying?

The gaming industry has grown over the past few decades and in the present era, there is no dearth of video games. From war games to racing and vehicle simulators, one can explore anything in the virtual universe of gaming. However, to play those games, it is important to have a good gaming system. The question is; should you be buying one or is it worth your money?

Why is this article important?

 A gaming system (laptop/computer/gaming console) is an expensive piece of device. Therefore, before buying a gaming system, it is important to understand its real purpose. After all, it makes no sense to spend INR one lakh or more and then not use the system to its core. The purchase also depends on what kind of gamer a person is. 

If an individual plays games for an hour or two, a gaming system is not required

If an individual plays games for an hour or two, a gaming system is not required. Any budget gaming laptop (60,000-90,000; these cannot be coined as core gaming systems) that have recently entered the market is enough to run any latest game for one or two hours. These laptops achieve heat management, which is an important aspect of gaming. However, if an individual plays games for around eight hours or more, it is required. 

The system requirement for hardcore gaming

If you are not a hardcore gamer, you can do away with specs such as 8GB of RAM, 4GB graphics card, 1TB HDD or 512GB SDD capacity and 1650 or 2070 graphic processor coupled with iCore3, iCore5 or Ryzen 5. However, if you are a hardcore gamer, you need a gaming system with a 16GB graphics card, 32GB of RAM, 2TB or 3TB SSD capacity coupled with an iCore9 or Ryzen 9 processor. Not to forget, the latest RTX 3080 graphic processor is also needed. 

How much should you be spending?

If you are not a hardcore gamer, any system (computer/laptop/console) between a price bracket of INR 60,000 and 90,000 is more than enough. However, if gaming is all you do all day long, you need to spend more than INR 1.50 lakh for decent gaming results. If you have the money, you could go up to INR five lakh and purchase some of the best gaming systems on the planet. 

Rohit Chatterjee

An alumnus of the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Rohit Chatterjee is a bona fide moto-enthusiast who has worked with several media houses in his brief career. Chatterjee mostly writes features and news articles related to automobiles and motorsports. When not working, he is found on the interstate clocking over 100kmph on his NS200!
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