Gen Z slangs that you must know.

Though language keeps on evolving, slangs often change at a much faster rate. Slangs are also unique to each generation. Here are some of the most common Gen Z slang words that you must know.


This is an abbreviation for the suspect or suspicious and depicts suspicious behavior. Sus was popularized in 2018 by online game ‘Among Us’ players; the crew members of an alien spacecraft in the game use it to determine imposters. However, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, speakers have been using the term since the 1930s as its origin dates back to law enforcement.


This term is used to define ‘uncool’ things that are either out of the style or trying too hard to be in style. This term was coined in 2013when Californian Gaby Rasson began using ‘Cheugy’ to portray people who fruitlessly try to be trendy. Till May 2021, the hashtag #cheugy accumulated over 10 million views on the social media platform, TikTok.

No cap

Although this term is currently popular with Gen Z, no cap was initially influenced by hip-hop culture. In the Black slang culture, to cap meant “to brag, exaggerate, or lie”; this was seen in the 1900s, and later ‘no cap’ evolved as an alternate way of saying, “no lie” or “for real.”


Short form for ‘If You Know You Know’, this usually explains content shared without context. Pusha T commercialized the phrase with his 2018 number “If You Know You Know.”But the real origin of the slang is unknown!


This is an abbreviation for ‘simpleton’ and goes back to the 1900s and it is believed that today’s simp slang is an evolution from this one. Simp is used as an insult aimed specifically at men who as seen as too submissive to women. In popular culture, West Coast rappers like Too Short and E-40 used it in their song lyrics in the mid-1980s.


Initially, drip was used as slang to aim at an unattractive or boring person. However, in the modern context, the slang has totally changed its meaning and is now used to refer to a look or style that is predominantly extremely fashionable or sexy. The early 2000s hip hop scene in Atlanta is considered to have popularized the slang.


This slang is more of a sound mimicking the sound of screeching tires, and it’s used as an exclamation.If someone is sharing a scandalous gossip, their friend will respond with an‘skrrt’ to get them to stop.

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