Published By: Alfaraz Laique

Ghazal singers who have sung for Bollywood

Bollywood music offers variety and it has been constantly evolving since ages. You can find all types of songs in Bollywood movies - from hardcore rock to love ballads and from rap to classical Indian songs. There are times when a filmmaker thinks that the story requires a ghazal song or a ghazal singer for a particular song which makes the music more diverse and beautiful. 

The Bollywood music industry, which runs parallel to Bollywood movie industry, offers a variety of songs and ghazal is an important part of Indian music. The early singers of Bollywood, including the legendary KL Saigal was a ghazal singer who used to sing in mejfils before breaking into Bollywood. Similarly, more than 70% of the lyricists who have worked in the Bollywood are ghazal writers and shayars who became famous later in the industry. Let us look at some of the best collaboration between bollywood and ghazal singers.

Jagjit Singh

Jagjit Singh is perhaps the most popular ghazal singer of India who has given us some evergreen ghazals. The famous singer is known for his silky voice which can make any composition to life. Although, the singer waa extremely popular for giving superhit albums, he has sung some memorable song in the film industry too. Some of them are Honthon se Chhu Lo Tum and HoshwalonKoKhabar Kya. There are movies like Mahesh Bhatt's Arth which greatly benefited from the magical voice of Jagjit Singh.

Ghulam Ali

Ghulam Ali is a Pakistani singer who is known for his beautiful singing and is equally respected in India. The singer has sung aome beautiful ghazals in Indian film industry which became instant jits because of the remarkable singing and popularity of the singer. Even though his casettes and CDs are quite famous in India, Ghulam Ali's rendition of songs such as ChupkeChupkeRaat Din gave him immense love and popularity in the country.

Runa Rizvi

Runa Rizvi is an underrated singer. She is quite famous for his ghazals and is a acclaimed singer in the ghazal world but did not recieve enough fame. However, the music maestro AR Rahman recognised her talent and gave him the beautiful song JaaneTuMera Kya Hai to sing. The song became an instant hit in all over India and Runa Rizvi proved that she can sing any kind of composition with ease.


There are other notable singers like Papon, Richa Sharma, Javed Ali. Etcwho equally excel at singing ghazalsabd Bollywood songs hand have enjoyed immense fame abd success.