Greatest Chefs in The World Now a Days

A New Direction of Cooking Has Opened by Those Hands

If you are a food lover then you should know about some of the names that  revolutionized the world of taste.You must be inspired to learn about their current lives and activities who received several “Michelin” Stars.  Let’s talk about some chefs like that.

Gordon Ramsay : There are very few successful and prestigious restaurant groups like “Gordon Ramsay Restaurants”, whose founder “Gordon Ramsay” is now one of the most famous chefs in the world. He has won the hearts of food lovers with his outstanding skills in making “French”, “Italian” and “British” cuisine. He is now owner of the prestigious multiple “Michelin-star” holder restaurants. This “British” chef is now a regular face on television shows.

Jamie Oliver : Are you a fan of Italian or British cuisine? Then you are directly connected with the genre of “Jamie Oliver”. This forty-six-year-old “British” chef, earned fame by hosting a reality show “The Naked Chef”. Beyond this, he is the author of many cookbooks. If you’ve been a fan of cookbooks, you’ve probably heard about the book”Cook with Jamie.” He has also ran a campaign to demand good quality food for school students.This multi-talented and famous chef, currently owns several restaurants in various locations, most notably “Jamie’s Italian” in Oxford.

Thomas Keller : Many have heard the name “Thomas Keller”, one of the most famous chefs and restaurant owners in “America” who got seven “Michelin” stars. His French style of cooking is well known to french food lovers. He also owns many famous American restaurants, such as “Per Se” or “French Laundry”.The book “Ad Hoc at Home” about homemade recipes and the book “Bouchon Collection” about classic recipes can be called his groundbreaking work.

Anne Sophie Pic : Women are not far behind in the race to become the best chef and get Michelin stars. Best female chef award of “Veuve Clicquot” is obvious when you look at Anne. She is the fourth female chef in the world to receive three “Michelin” stars.  Anne is currently one of the richest chefs in France.  His restaurant “Maison Pic” is a most famous restaurant.

Ferran Adria : “Adria” who started his career as a dishwasher in a hotel is now one of the best chefs in the world. He is currently the head chef of the “Spanish” restaurant “El Bulli”.  “Culinary foam” recipes are now very popular because of his extraordinary contribution. He is also the author of cookbooks like “A Day at El Bulli”.

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