Have You Noticed The Change In Culture Since Last 30 Years?

Changes in patterns of production, patterns of exchange and patterns of interrelationships over time also lead to changes in lifestyles.

Humans are social beings. As a result, the natural tendency of human beings is to stay together. The way of life that is created through this collective living, their mutual exchange of ideas and exchange of products, is called culture

Changes in patterns of production, patterns of exchange and patterns of interrelationships over time also lead to changes in lifestyles. As a result, the culture also changes. Historically, through the development of human civilization, in the society we have arrived at today, we see the diversity of culture as a result of the diversity of lifestyles of people living in different parts of the world. Instead, there are some overall features in common, those define the overall Human Culture.

What happened in last 30 years?

Since the age of imperialism, capitalism has become a social culture changer as a whole. Ancient culture started changing towards progressive culture. At the same time, negative practices like selfishness, dishonesty, lying and thuggery started due to class-conflicts. As global capital began to develop in the age of liberal economy, the notions of individuality and interrelationship began to change, increasing individualistic thinking.

In the 1980s, neoliberalism brought about a virtually revolutionary change in culture since the establishment of the global authority of global capital. Individualistic thinking became much larger than social holistic thinking.

Huge cross-cultural exchanges

It is a positive change that has been found in cross-culture at a huge level. Actually, neoliberalism has connected the whole world as its marketplace and hence, it became easy, necessary and interesting for people to amalgamate culturally.

Progression of rate of productivity

In this era, people try to prove themselves to be the best and the capitalists try to gain more and more profit, and technology has become the main driving force of production, hence, the rate of production is so high.

Rapid change of taste and preference

As there are plenty of products in the market, and a huge variety of those, with updated products are coming on a rapidity, taste and preference is also changing rapidly.

Individualism at its peak

In this era, people have become so self centred, and individualism has become a common feature of human beings. It might actually be a threat to the concept of society.

Transformation of family: from joint family to nuclear family

Individualism led the joint families to break into nuclear families.

Huge increase of crime

As the class conflict is increasing, and the lower class is becoming poorer and more deprived, even from minimal human senses, and the rich are trying to be more rich in any way, the rate of crime is increasing so much.

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