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Have you seen the edge of rain?

When a giant cloud moves towards you, turning the sky completely black and you see a blinding flash which is when the rain starts gushing down from heaven. Did you ever stand in a situation where it is raining in one area while the other is completely dry? It occurs mainly due to the constant change in weather condition.

But if this happens, then there must be a place where the rain ends?

Yes, here we are talking about the edge of rain. Theoretically, you can see the edge of the rain; but it can be a bit challenging since the clouds are constantly moving. A heavy downpour of rain and a bit of good luck is what it needs to see the edge because the rain may spread due to the strong wind.

In this world, we live around many astonishing natural acts, and the edge of rain is also one of them. It could be said to be a resemblance of the wall of water or a curtain of rain. It is a spectacular sight that is seen only by a selected few, and therefore it is one of the most debatable occurrences.

We cannot see the edge of rain from inside, but you can have a clear view of this curtain of raindrops from outside.  You can even find videos that witness this edge of rain or hailstorms. But what could be the possible reason behind the occurrence of such a view?

It mainly happens when the clouds in an area don’t clump up to form a single weather front, and hence individual cloud is formed. These clouds are generally small and tend to move faster due to their lightweight. You can see this cloud approaching towards an area and falls as an individual rain. The curtain of the rain leaves one side dry and the other side wet. Here you can jump in and out of the rainfall.

The increase in the collision rate of the microscopic water particles due to turbulence intensity in the atmosphere restricts the clouds from cluster formation. You might get a little confused with all the terms and definitions, but the sight of actually seeing the thin line between wet and dry land is pretty amazing.

Although, it is tough to predict the exact latitude and longitude of an area where you can see the edge of rain but if you get lucky to experience it, do not forget to share a clip with your friends.

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