Here are all the things you need to eat when you’re in Kolkata

Indulge in some Bengali dishes! Fall in love.

The City of Joy, home to the roshogollas, the capital of Bengali culture and cuisine is dipped in salacious food. Bengalis love to eat, and they have ample of it to choose from. From shondesh to jhal muri, from kulfi to Kathi roll, Kolkata’s heart lies in the food it has to offer.

Here are all the things you need to eat when you’re in Kolkata:

  1. Kolkata Biryani forms the Big A’s:

Arsalan, Aminia, and Alibaba – the three big names that give your biryani buds a run for their money. The twist of kewra jol, the goodness of big aloo, and colour of saffron make the dish something hard to miss.

Also, try chicken Chaap and porota for some added indulgence.

  1. Phuchkas:

Golgappas have their place, but when it comes to phuchkas, the art of getting a phao is what makes the experience so much remarkable. Tamarind water, mashed aloo with masalas can be tweaked according to your spice tolerance. Try Vivekananda Park phuchka shops or at Dharamtala.

  1. Sweets:

Roshogollas, first off. Try Ballaram Mallick that has been one of the oldest sweet shops in Kolkata, known for its shondesh, laddoos. Try the chic décor of Flury’s and indulge in the pastries. Nahoum’s is a must-visit bakery that has been serving happiness since forever. And while you are sweet shopping, do not forget the legendary mishit doi freshly made in every other sweet shop.

  1. Kathi Rolls:

Nizam holds the name for the best kathi rolls in Kolkata. So, while you’re surfing through New Market, grab a chicken roll from Nizam’s. Zeeshan is also popular for its rolls. Shakespeare Sarani’s Parijat, Park Street’s Kusum Rolls are also recommended for rolls.

  1. Tibetan breakfast at Tirritti Bazaar:

Get up in the morning and explore the street of Tirritti Bazaar beckoning with authentic and absolutely freshly made Tibetan food.

  1. Chelo Kabab from Peter Cat:

The Chelo Kebabs are an age-old house speciality of Peter Cat forever. The kebab is prepared with Bengali spices and infused with Persian herbs, served with butter and rice. Has your mouth watered yet? ‘Cause I am dripping right now.

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