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Here are the many different kinds of bread that we love

To choose from one of these is a sin, eat all at once

To have a slice of bread is the ultimate comfort in life. Barring the gluten scare that has made many people part ways with bread, most people have not stopped eating bread. Rightly so as there is a huge variety of bread that is yet to be explored. From sweet, sour, bitter, or salty, there is a variety of bread that one can relish on. There is bread appropriate to eat with soup, some bread goes well with spicy vegetable curry, while some are best to be eaten with rich mutton or chicken curry. Read on to find out some of the tasty loaves of bread that exist.

Baguette bread

This long, thin bread of French origin is made from basic lean dough. The unique aspect of the bread is its shape which is distinguishable by its length and crisp crust. This long stick-like loaf is also famous for the name French bread or French Stick. The main ingredients used in the making are flour, yeast, water, and salt. Of the many historical accounts, this bread became popular during the 18th century. At that time chefs used highly refined Hungarian high-milled flour to bake this bread. By the 19th century, yeast came into the picture, and voila, this bread was formed. A baguette goes well with most French cuisine.


A much tastier bread or bun than the most, a Brioche bread is made with simple kitchen ingredients of butter, eggs, milk, and a touch of sugar. Along with flavor, these simple ingredients add the much-needed soft crumb texture to the bun. This bread bun is mostly used to make hamburger buns, and dinner rolls, as well as in French toast recipes. What makes this bread different from the regular bread or bun is its sweet taste. Well, all thanks go to the French. One of the other traditional uses of brioche bread is for soft pastry.


This bread has its origin in the Ashkenazi Jewish community. It is braided-shaped bread that is typically consumed on occasions of Shabbat and other Jewish holidays. The word, Challah, biblical in origin is referred to the dough offering. So as a ritual, from the dough prepared for Challah, a portion is kept aside as an offering. The ingredients involved in the making of Challah are eggs and flour, poppy and sesame seeds are sprinkled on top symbolising manna from God and the plaited shape represents love.

A few other kinds of bread found all around the world are Cornbread, Ciabatta, Focaccia, Multigrain Bread, Pita Bread, Pumpernickel, Rye Bread, Soda Bread, Sourdough, Whole Wheat, Bagel, Boule,

Nirtika Pandita

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