Hidden meanings of popular logos (i)

Logos are an important tool for a company’s marketing efforts. More often than not there are hidden meanings or stories behind them that we end consumers sometimes fail to notice. Here are a few interesting hidden meanings and back stories of some popular logos from around the world.


It is one of the simplest and easily identifiable logos in the world. The simple ‘tick mark’ is meant to convey motion and speed. The tick mark is actually the wing of Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Interestingly, this timeless logo was designed by student designer Carolyn Davidson and was only paid $35 for her work.


Most of us assume that the double C logo on Chanel products is the initial of the brand’s creator Coco Chanel. But in reality, she was inspired by Chateau de Cremat – a castle that she attended a lot of parties in and had the opportunity to explore its vaulted arches and stained-glass windows.


The Dell computer logo is easily identifiable by its slanted E. The story behind it is that when founder Michael Dell started off in this computer business, his aim was to turn the world in its ear. His ambition has had a great impact in the personal computing market and is aptly represented by the slanted E.


The logo with a face on it – it is one of the most easily identifiable logos in the world of fashion. The Versace’s logo is actually a portrait of Medusa. The owner of the brand Gianni Versace wanted the face of Medusa as his logo because he wanted the brand fashion to be so stunning that it would capture people’s heart forever.


There are three different origin stories to the iconic slanted plus sign logo of Chevrolet cars. According to co-founder William C. Durant, the logo is an inspiration he got from a wall paper pattern he saw at a Parisian hotel in 1908. His daughter on the other hand claims that he drew it on a piece of napkin during one dinner. His wife however maintains that the idea was sparked by the Coalettes logo he saw on a newspaper.


Three dots on two squares – one dot in the red square and two on the blue one has been the logo of Domino’s pizza since their inception. The three dots represent the three original Domino’s locations. The original plan was to add a new dot to every new outlet they open but they had to let go of that idea when the pizza franchise grew beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.

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