Hidden meanings of popular logos (ii)

One doesn’t have to travel to some ancient archaeological sites to study various symbolism and their hidden meanings. You can get started with the popular brand symbols and logos and learn their intended meanings of their creators. Here are a few popular ones –


At first sight it seems like the M of the golden arches represents the first letter of the brand “McDonalds” but there is more to it than just using the first letter of the brand name as logo. According to psychologist and design consultant Louis Cheskin, he intended the rounded M to represent nourishing breasts.


Most of us know the pop knowledge that Adidas stands for “All day I dream about sports”. But do you know what those three iconic stripes represent? The stripes originally appeared on footwear way back in 1949. In 1997, the stripes were slanted to look like a mountain, which are meant to represent the challenges and obstacles in the path that one has to overcome.


The Picasa logo looks like a camera shutter which is more of a no brainer. But the real hidden meaning of the logo lies in the negative area inside the said camera shutter. It looks like a house which is supposed to be the home of all your photos. Additionally, the word ‘casa’ means ‘home’ in Spanish so Picasa literally also means home of pictures.


Google is one of the primary tools of the Internet and it is reflected in the primary colours (red, blue and yellow) of the Google logo. The letter L is an exception and is green in colour. According to the designer of the logo Ruth Kedar, this sudden sprout of green represent how Google defies the rule.


If you have watched the Amazon logo closely, you would see the arrow mark starts from A and ends in Z. The arrow link between A and Z signifies that you will get everything, from A to Z in Amazon which is actually quite clever.


In 2009, Pepsi had the most talked about brand logo redesign. It was talked mostly because of its cost – a massive one million dollar bill for the redesign. The company that designed the new logo claimed that the new design schematics was inspired by the Parthenon, the Mona Lisa, Hindu numerical harmony, Earth’s gravitational field and the speed of light. The internet largely thought it was just artistic mumbo-jumbo to cheat Pepsi of one million dollar.

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