Published By: Alfaraz Laique

How India can improve its Coke Studio

MTV’s Coke Studio is a prestigious music show which has gained immense fan following across the world. The show produced by MTV features studio recorded performances and it is aired in many countries. Coke Studio India is one of the major players in the television music and it has produced some great quality music. However, its quality has been declining from the last few years which is leaving fans disappointed and as a result, it has lost the charm and popularity.

Coke Studio is a television program and just like other shows, it needs constant innovation in terms of creativity and entertainment. There are many reasons behind the decline in the quality of the Coke Studio. Let’s talk about how India can improve its Coke Studio in the upcoming seasons.

Set design

Set design is an essential part of any TV show. The Coke Studio India has a very basic studio set which looks ancient and minimalistic. In today’s world, there is a focus on creativity and the art designers are taking it to the next level with their killer designs, innovative concepts and new-aged themes. In such an era, producers should look beyond the basic designs and focus on bringing freshness in the sets. For instance, take an example of Coke Studio Pakistan which received poor ratings in some seasons. As a result, they changed their set design and built a hybrid set which allows the cinematographers to showcase their creativity and enhanced the mood of the song.

Music arrangements and combinations

The major aim of the program is to create new age and fresh music. Music could be abstract, it could be a story or it could be a narrative. What is important when you create music is that there should be nice combination of the voice, beats, musical arrangements, lyrics and tempo. Coke Studio India has experimented a lot with the musicians and in order to create something outstanding, they ended up making potboilers in the last few seasons. As a result, the show which had a lot of potential in a country like India ended just after four seasons.

Choosing the right producer

It is important to have a right music producer. The first season of the coke studio gained popularity because it was produced by Leslie Lewis. It is important to know that a music producer is different from a show producer. They are responsible for choosing and making the concept, songs and arrangements. We can expect someone like AR Rahman or Vishal Bhardwaj in the coming seasons to take up the charge.