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How to make homemade hot chocolate

This the season to be jolly with a cup of piping hot creamy cocoa. Bound to uplift your mood during this cold winter. It is easy to make in just a few minutes and a definite hit with whoever you share this Christmas treat.

Believe it or not, there are many variations to it, and has a wide scope for creativity which in its own way is perfect to turn the whole recipe into a fun activity with your loved ones. You may add Christmas spice mix with pepper to turn it into Mexican hot chocolate, douse it with a generous dollop of whipped cream, bejewel it with rainbow sprinkles, marshmallows, or chocolate shavings, go all out add all the toppings you can find in your kitchen cabinet the possibilities are endless.

For a vegan version, you can replace the dairy ingredients with plant-based options. This recipe calls for chocolate chunks as it gives the right amount of velvety texture with each sip, feel free to use cocoa powder instead although it will result in a lighter version. The bonus of this recipe is you can make a big batch and reheat it whenever as the shell life lasts for 2-3 days with ease in the refrigerator.

Ingredients for Hot Chocolate:

This classic requires just the bare minimum easily available in your kitchen.

The recipe makes 2 cups

• Sugar – 2 tbsp or as per the desired sweetness.

• Chocolate – 1/2 cup of preferred chocolate, either chips or chunks. Here, we have used bittersweet dark chocolate chopped into smaller chunks.

• Milk – 1 cup (make it vegan by replacing it with almond or soy-based milk).

• Fresh Cream – 1/2 cup to add that creamy goodness (coconut cream is the perfect alternative for this recipe)

• Spices (optional) – Ginger powder, Cinnamon Powder, Star anise, or Cayenne pepper


1. In a small pot warm milk, and fresh cream together.

2. While stirring continuously*, add sugar and the chunks of chocolate till it dissolves.

3.Add the optional spices for the desired flavour.

4.Bring the entire concoction to a light boil then take it off the heat.

5.Pour in mugs and serve hot with your desired toppings.

6.Pair it with gingerbread cookies or plum cake on the side.

*Note: It is an important step to stir continuously to not burn the chocolate as it tends to settle at the bottom of the pot.

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