How to Reduce Food Wastage

Did you know that statistics suggest there are nearly 821 million people on Earth who do not have enough access to food?

Food wastage is a worldwide issue and we need to address it anyhow. But dealing with hunger issues and malnutrition is a challenging thing and it needs strategic measures. We as the people of the Earth can contribute toward mitigating this issue by reducing food wastage. So here are some tips that you can follow to reduce food wastage from your end.

Buy What You Need

When we go to a grocery store, we often get attracted to different items on display, apart from this the luring offers that the stores provide often make us buy in excess. But most of the time the excess things that we buy are often wasted after a certain point in our kitchen. So while buying groceries we should always buy the thing that we need the most in this way we can deal with wastage.

Freeze Your Food

Imagine you are having a dinner party and you have prepared some delicious foods but after the party you find that the food that you have made, are in excess so what should you do? You should freeze it as this will preserve the food for later consumption and you don’t have to throw it away.


Here donation doesn’t mean giving money to a good cause. It means donating your food to the needy so that they can deal with hunger. If you have any kind of food item in excess and you think that it might go to waste then you should definitely think of donating it to the people who need it.

Clean Your Fridge Periodically

You should clean your fridge periodically and get rid of spoiled food. If you keep spoiled food in your fridge for a longer period of time it will contaminate the fresh food that you are keeping. This cross contamination in the fridge can lead to food being wasted and your effort to reduce food waste going in vain.

Pack the Leftover Food

In a restaurant if your ordered food is left then most of the restaurants throw that away. So, in this scenario, you should always pack your leftover food so that it doesn’t go to waste. But another thing you can also do to avoid this situation altogether. You can also order food in small portions so it keeps a check on how much you are eating and also deals with any chances of food wastage.

If you want to be a responsible world citizen then you must follow these five tips. You might think that what difference can I make, but in reality, the smallest of efforts make huge differences.

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