How to tell if someone is jealous of you

You can’t explicitly ask them but there are signs.

Ever had a feeling that when you tell your friend good news, say a promotion, they don’t react as positively as you expected them to? While most of your friends congratulate you, one friend gives you the passive-aggressive a vague congratulations and it doesn’t feel so genuine. Envy and jealousy is an emotion and as humans it’s okay to feel them.

It is interesting to note that the more you get things you want and move towards your set goal, chances are people will be envious of your success. Be it your career, a marriage, family, children, money.

Here’s what to look for when you think someone is jealous of you

They avoid when you have accomplished something great

Envious people will dash the other way when you succeed and come back when things are going not-so-great for you.

Don’t want to celebrate your success

If your friends throw a party for the grand promotion at work, that jealous friend will make an excuse to head home early cause staying and celebrating your success invoked negative emotions in them.

You see the fake-happy smiles when you tell them good news

Body language can tell a lot about people. If you share good news, you can see the smiles and wishes are not genuine at all.

Downplay your accomplishments

When you share good news, maybe buying a new house, an envious person will try to say stuff like “Oh that’s great. My friend bought a vacation house last week”. It’s an attempt to move the conversation about you, making themselves feel better and frankly, making you feel small.

Passive-aggressive is their thing

They say stuff like “OMG I didn’t expect you to get the job. Congratulations!”. They give your compliments that are actually half compliment and half insults. Backhanded compliments are a sign someone is jealous of you.

Their advice is never helpful

They also never lend you support when needed. But they thrive when you have had a setback.

You are reminded of your mistakes by them

Even if you accomplish something, instead of congratulating you they will remind you of past mistakes and focus on your setbacks you’ve had.

They stay away from your social media but constantly follows everyone else

If a person constantly avoids your comment on group chats while flourishing compliments to others, chances are they are envious of you. They also never seem to view your IG story about the vacation you are taking even viewing everyone else’s story, they are avoiding praising you cause they are jealous.


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