Indoor games to play with your cousin’s gang.

Most people agree that sharing good bonding with cousins is a hard-luck to find.

Family get-togethers are only fun when you and your cousins get along with each other. Even if you grow up or get married, some bonds cannot get replaced by friends. Be it playing cricket, planning a bachelorette party or taking a trip together. Some bonds do not need any appreciation post. This post is like a memory box for those cousins’ gang who backs each other in every situation.

Here is a list of indoor games to play at family meetups.

Dumb-Charades is one of the classic games played in such gatherings. 

Either the gang gets divided into two or comes up with individual performances. The rules are pretty simple- one needs to enact, and others need to guess the movie/song/activity/person. It has been a perfect game for timepass in parties or gatherings.

If you are bored with Charades, try playing Pictionary. 

If you cannot relate to it- refer to The Big Bang Theory (S6; E4). This game has similar rules to charades, but with a catch. Instead of enacting, you need to draw and explain the word given to you. In short, you need to dig the artist in you. So get ready to have some laughter and fun playing Pictionary.

How about playing UNO or other card games in those night outs or get together?

 It is always fun to watch one of the cousins wail about not winning. When cousins meet over for late-night gossips, cards be their loyal friend. There are various options for us to choose from- UNO, poker, bridge, 29, etc. Just pick one!

The list of indoor family games cannot get completed without mentioning Ludo or Snake & Ladder. 

This classic board has been our go-to indoor game since childhood. Now that we all are grown up- let us take time and remember those good old times we used to spend with our cousins. Be it chasing to eat other’s ‘PakaGuti’ or dismissing the game because you were losing- are some precious moments we will never forget for life.

Most of us will agree that every carom game we won in school was because of regular practice sessions with our cousins. 

Every Sunday, there would be a carom competition among the family and the winner used to receive the most significant piece of chocolate from elders. Today, we might not meet every weekend, but those memories will stay with us forever. How about taking down the carom board off the storeroom and challenging each other?

Orna Ghosh

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