Published By: Sougata Dutta

Is Blaming AC Can Be A Solution To Global Warming?

Is it just about AC?

We all are aware of global warming and its tampering effects on human lives. We also know that pollution is the prime reason for this. And almost all the science and nature research institutions are consistently working on this topic and trying to find some susceptible way out.

But the problem is, the use of AC is being pointed as the main cause for global warming and the tree plantation program is presented as an amicable solution to this crisis.

Now, we'll discuss how responsible an AC is and what are the other reasons behind this.

Types of AC

There are mainly two types of AC. First one is the Home Air Conditioner, and the second one is the Industrial Air Conditioner. Industrial Air Conditioners are mainly installed to reduce the heat of the machines. But, the Home air conditioners are installed for personal purposes. There are 6 types of Home AC.
  • Window Air Conditioners
  • Floor Mounted Air Conditioners
  • Portable Air Conditioners
  • Central Air Conditioners
  • Air Source Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Air Conditioners

Carbon emission

An AC of 1.5 tonne, produces 5.7kg Carbon DiOxide if used for 24 hours.

But, only one-litre of Diesel produces 2.7kg Carbon DiOxide. The more they run, the more they produce Carbon DiOxide. Besides, all the coal based industries do produce thousand times more CO2 than an AC.

Why only AC?

Looking around us, we can easily understand that there are so many significant reasons for air pollution and global warming. But, on social media, and some other paid media houses, using AC at home has been pointed out as the main reason for global warming.


  • In this way, the corporates will never get caught.
  • The industrial pollution wouldn’t need any special care.
  • People will easily forget about other big reasons.

What if we stop using AC?

The point is, the global temperature is constantly increasing. And the contribution percentage of AC in global warming is very nominal. Therefore, if most of the AC users stop using AC from one fine morning, the growth of Global temperature may slow down a little bit, but will not stop.

Unless the open loot from the womb of the mother world gets stopped, there is no way to get an escape route from this brutality. To save the world, all the people need to come out together, and not just planting trees, we need to save the forests and greeneries.