Published By: Sougata Dutta

Professional Tips After Pursuing A Film Degree

Get a clear view about what to do after film school

The concepts of Film School and Film Degree are very new compared to the other regular subjects of the modern education system. And, till today, only a few Institutes are there in India where a film degree is offered. Even, throughout the world, the scope of learning Film Making and Film studies as an academic subject is very limited.

In India, the top two film institutes are

  1. Film and Television Institute of India
  2. Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute.
These institutions have a history of legacy. Rhitwick Ghatak, Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen were the Alumni of these institutes.

Amongst other universities, Jadavpur University, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Jamia Millia Islamia, RV University, University of Mumbai and a few other Universities do offer film degrees.

Let's begin with a myth-burster

Usually, people interested in film making, do rush for a film school. But, it's not necessary to be a filmmaker after pursuing a film degree. Even there were hardly a few successful and legendary filmmakers who have or had a degree in filmmaking. So, filmmaking is not dependent on a film degree, not in any way. If someone wants to be a filmmaker, one should get into a shooting floor and experience the entire process, and then the only task is to modify oneself as an excellent storyteller.

What is the purpose of studying for a film degree

First of all, all the aspirants of a film degree must understand that a good filmmaker needs no institutional certification. In the film institutes and universities offering a degree on film studies, the core purpose of studying film is to focus on the theoretical and grammatical understanding of film making.

Future scope after getting a film degree

Here are a few options for the film degree holders after finishing their education.

Becoming a filmmaker is a very obvious scope. Otherwise, one can be a screenplay writer, cinematographer, editor, sound designer as per their specialisation.

Besides, one can get into a media house working on the film industries. Right now, this is a very large industry with a huge investment. Media giants like Zee, Star, ABP, MTV do recruit a number of film students every year.

Page 3 of a newspaper is dedicated to film and cinemas. And every newspaper needs one or more film critiques to work with them. Students with a film degree can choose this profile.

Becoming a teacher in a film institute is also a very suitable future option for the students of film degrees.