Know About The Different Variants Of Pizza

Pizza is a popular dish around the globe and can be made in various ways depending on where it’s being consumed. Tomato addition was the first breakthrough that allowed pizza to become the popular dish we love today. It enabled Napoli, an Italian town, to make modern pizza.

The pizza finally made it to America after several centuries of being a favourite dish in Italy. Soon after, pizza was a typical food in all countries. These are the top types of pizza you can find all over the world.

Italian Neapolitan Pizza

This Neapolitan recipe is considered a cultural heritage under European law. It is closely controlled in its production. It is made with San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella (sometimes made from milk from water buffalo raised in the marshlands in Campania and Lazio in semi-wild states), natural Neapolitan yeast, or Brewer’s yeast, and strong flour with high protein content.

American Pizza

There have been many variations of American pizza over the past century. The most famous are deep-dish pizzas available in Chicago, Detroit, and New York.

Australian pizza

This type of pizza is heavy – it is filled with cheese and non-vegetarian products. Many Australian pizza shops began selling pizzas made with exotic and costly ingredients in the 1980s.

Brazilian Pizza

This dish has been prevalent in Brazil since the 1950s pizza revolution. It is estimated that the Sao Paolo population eats 1.4 million pizzas each day. Apart from the very popular Roman and Neapolitan pizzas, Brazilian pizzerias offer many variations of this dish.

Indian Pizza

India was acquitted with pizza when big pizza chains (like Domino’s or Pizza Hut) arrived in the 1990s. Indians eat most of the famous pizza varieties (primarily Italian), but they have also created a variety of toppings unique to India (Tandoori items, Paneer).


In Korea, South Koreans are eating pizzas made by domestic brands like Mr. Pizza and Pizza Etang. These brands offer unique toppings and complicated pizzas that can be found nowhere else. In 2009, North Korea opened its first pizzeria in Pyongyang.


In Israel, the types of pizzas available are strongly influenced by the many cultures living there. Israel pizzas can be found in kosher.

Frozen Pizzas

Celentano Brothers was the first to introduce frozen pizzas in the US. Over the following decades, food technologists were able to overcome problems with cold pizza storage. They are now available as frozen crusts or ready-to-bake pizzas with pre-prepared raw ingredients.

Exotic Pizzas

Some of the most famous exotic pizzas include Deep-Fried Pizzas from Scotland (often served alongside French fries) and Chocolate Pizzas (with toppings like marshmallows and peanut butter).

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