Korean food items that are closely related to Indian food

The one thing that we hate to compromise has to be food taste- be it in India or Korea. 

Preparing the food without compromising its quality and taste is among their top priorities. Similarly, both these countries focus on using natural and fresh ingredients in the dishes to maintain their nutritional value. If we look at the eating habits of both these countries, we will find major differences in their food choices. On the other hand, we also find several dishes from Korea that are closely related to Indian food.

Here are some of the items from Korean menu items similar to Indian items.

Gamja Jeon aka Chana Dal Tikki or Aloo Tikki

It is one of the simplest Korean dishes on their menu. Gamja Jeon gets prepared from grated potato mixed with onion, salt and potato starch. Then it is pan-fried with vegetable oil or grapeseed oil until both sides turn golden brown. Doesn’t it sound similar to aloo Tikki? The only noticeable difference is that in Korea, it gets served with side dips. While, in India, we get green chutney served along the side of it.

YakiMandu aka Gujjiya

YakiMandu or Gujjiya is a kind of fried dumplings stuffed with different items, preferred by the customers. In India, we usually find khoya, grated coconut, dry fruits and others; on the other hand, Koreans use different types of meats for stuffing the dumpling. Even if they taste different due to stuffing, they are the most preferred snack items in these countries.

Kimchi Fried Rice aka Home-Cooked Fried Rice

It is one of the most loved main courses in Korea, as well as in India. In Korea, Kimchi Fried Rice is the preparation made from rice, meat and kimchi, being stirred, fried and served with fried toppings. While in India, our mothers take the leftover rice and vegetables, stir fry them all together. Sounds similar, right?

Yakgwa aka Imarti 

After the main course comes the most favoured dessert item from their food menu- Yakgwa, it gets prepared using flour, honey, ginger juice, rice wine and sesame oil; later, they get fried and soaked in a syrup prepared with honey syrup and cinnamon powder. Both these sweets are traditional dishes in their respective countries.

Shaved Ice aka Barf Gola

People from both countries enjoy having shaved ice during the summer seasons. It gets prepared by crushed ice served with various toppings, such as flavoured syrups, dry fruits, condensed milk and others.

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