Largest film industries around the world

These film industries are currently ruling the entertainment scene in the world.

Films are one of the most loved forms of entertainment. It is undoubtedly the largest source of entertainment in the world and has been there since the 19th century. Although films like other art forms don’t have any boundary to them, still different regions in the world have their own film industry which reflects their specific culture and socio-political scenario. All of these industries have their own way of telling a story and are hugely consumed by their mass. But with time films have been commercialised and their function didn’t only stick to entertainment and art but also provided a great opportunity for revenue generation. So let’s have a look at the major players across the world in this business.


The oldest film industry of all, Hollywood is also the biggest revenue generator when it comes to the film and entertainment business. It is over 120 years old and produces over 700 movies every year on average. With an average revenue generation of over $10 billion annually, it is the most profitable film industry in the world. The major players in the US and Canadian film industry include Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox, and AMC.


Chinawood is a popular name for the Chinese film industry. In terms of revenue generation, it’s the world’s second-largest film industry with about $8.59 billion a year. When it comes to the number of films produced per year, China has experienced a drastic growth where from 91 films in the year 2000 it has r jumped nearly tenfold to 902 by 2018. The most notable film studio in China is Hengdian World Studios.


Bollywood, although regarded as the Indian film industry, fact wise it’s not so as it only produces Hindi speaking movies, and India has several movies made in other languages. Still, if Bollywood is to be considered solely, it still produces the highest numbers of movies every year across the globe. It produces about 1000 movies per year. According to 2019’s statistics, Indian Cinema as a whole generated US$2.7 billion where Bollywood has the maximum contribution of 44%. However, despite a large population and the production of many films, India has few film screens compared to other major film producers according to the World Atlas.

 Japanese film Industry

Japan has one of the oldest and largest film industries in the world with a history of 100 years. And it is the fourth largest industry in terms of the number of films produced. The film industry in Japan generates around $2 billion a year. But you will be surprised to know that until 2012, Japan was Asia’s largest film producer which became stagnant due to slow economic growth and the high cost of film production. The Japanese film industry has 3,472 as compared to over 40,000 in China according to World Atlas.

Other than these four, there are many other popular film industries like the UK film industry, the Korean film industry -Hallyuwood and the Nigerian film industry known as Nollywood.

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