Lazy Keto: All you need to know about this new fad diet

There is a new diet plan that is becoming famous – the lazy keto diet

You will find a lot of people who will vouch for the benefits of the Keto diet. However, as per experts, not everyone can manage the strict monitoring of protein, carbohydrates, and fats it calls for. Hence, in order to ease down the count of calories or other micronutrients, there is a new diet plan in the market that is becoming famous and it is called the lazy keto diet and it involves only monitoring carbohydrate intake.

What is ketosis?

For those caught unaware, it is a metabolic phenomenon which is characterised by elevated levels of ketone bodies in the blood or urine. Since it is a normal response to low glucose availability when one takes a low-carbohydrate diet or fasts, it provides an additional energy source for the brain in the form of ketones, unlike glucose. Hence, during ketosis, when the body does not get enough carbohydrates to burn, it starts to burn fats, which leads to ultimate weight loss.

What is lazy keto?

For people who are busy or are always on the go, close monitoring of what they are eating or not eating during the day becomes difficult. Therefore, there is a straightforward version of the keto diet, the lazy keto diet, which does not include a high proportion of fats in the diet. However, the lazy keto diet follower has to limit carbohydrates to 10 per cent or less of their daily calorie intake. However, the person does not need to track their fat and protein intake.

In short, a lazy keto diet follower has to make sure to consume 20 grams of carbohydrates as compared to a regular keto diet which involves taking 20-40 gm carbohydrates per day. Obviously, limiting carbs induces a metabolic state or ketosis, which the body uses to mainly burn fat for fuel.

The drawback is that you need to avoid highly processed easily available packaged foods, as they are filled with sodium, mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) and trans fat. Also make sure that the diet is followed under the guidance of a qualified nutritionist. The focus on the quality and quantity of foods are highly scientific in nature during the ketosis period, hence, don’t jump into it instantly and make sure it is safe and effective for your health.

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