Most dangerous foods in the world (II)

You may tend to think that the most dangerous food in the world will only have exotic stuff that you can identify from miles away as being dangerous but it is hardly the case. So many of the food that we eat almost regularly are unassumingly dangerous that we had to make a separate list for them.

Red Kidney Beans

Even though Red Kidney Beans are found in pantries all around the world, most of us are not aware of the presence of phytohaemagglutinin – which is a toxin. This is why Red Kidney beans needs to be boiled for at least ten minutes before being eaten. If the beans are boiled for lesser time, the toxins can cause vomiting and stomach upsets.

Apricot Seeds

While the apricot fruit itself is pretty healthy, the seeds are poisonous – if eaten in large quantities. Apricot seeds contain cyanogenic glycosidesthatlater becomes hydrogen cyanide inside our body which we all know is very dangerous. Turkey, known for its abundance of apricot trees, has had many people die every year after eating too many apricot seeds.

Raw Cashew

The Cashew that we buy off the market have already been steamed to remove a deadly chemical called urushiol. It is the same chemical that is found in poison ivy and a high amount of it can be fatal. So, you must never eat a Cashew right off a tree even if you ever get that chance.


Elderberries are very tasty and safe to eat when they are fully ripe and are cooked properly. You must be very careful to leave out all traces of leaves, twigs and seeds which contains traces of cyanide. Eating unripe or undercooked elderberries can cause severe diarrhoea and even seizures.

Star Fruit

Unknown to most of us, star fruit juice contains neurotoxins that can affect our nerves and brain. For anyone with bad kidneys, a small amount of juice, as small as 100 ml, can prove to be poisonous.

Cassava (tapioca)

Cassava is found in and are very popular in Africa and South Americas. Better known as tapioca around the world, this root vegetable is used to make juice, chips, cakes and pudding. However, the leaves and roots of a Cassava are full of cyanide and when improperly prepared or eaten raw, it can have deadly consequences.

Hot Dogs

While it is one of the most popular street foods in the United States, Hot Dogs are also an enormous chocking hazard. According to the American Academy of Paediatrics, hot dogs are responsible for a whopping 17% of all chocking deaths in children under ten years, making it one of the most dangerous foods in the world.

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