Mouthwatering delicacies from Uttar Pradesh

We Indians are known foodies and each of our dishes can be considered as an art.

In every corner of India, you will find unique food which is considered as local cuisines and that cuisine defines that place. If you come to Bengal, you will find a variety of sweet dishes, if you go to the northeast, you will be introduced with classic Tibetan item the momo, if you go to Mumbai, you will be introduced with vada pav and if you go to the south of India, you will witness a burst of different flavours. Similarly in this blog I am going to introduce you to some of the authentic delicacies of Uttar Pradesh.

Let’s start off with BaatiChokha

It is probably the most famous dish that you can find in the eastern regions of Uttar Pradesh. It is an authentic food from Uttar Pradesh whose basic ingredients are wheat, brinjal, potatoes, tomatoes and a mix of colorful spices. The Baati in BaatiChokha is made up of wheat and the chokha is a mixture of brinjal, potatoes, tomatoes and the spices. The Baati is the baked item and it is eaten with the chokha along with ghee and chutney. This dish will leave your mouth wanting for more.

Now let’s move to the chaat gaali and have some Basket Chaat

In every corner of India you will find mouthwatering chaats starting from golgappas, bhel puris, paprichaats and many more. Basket chaat is typical in Uttar Pradesh and the most of its uniqueness is in its making. It is literally a small edible basket and is filled with savory items and topped with curd and chutneys. You will get a flavorful punch of different spices and the sweet undercut of the chutneys.

Get yourself some pedha for the sweet tooth

Going to Uttar Pradesh and not eating pedha is a crime to be honest. This form of sweet itself originated in Mathura situated in the state. The sugary goodness is purely made out of milk and it just melts in your mouth as you chew on it. If you are going to Uttar Pradesh and do buy some boxes, don’t forget to send me one.

Let’s stop at a paan shop

A tour of Uttar Pradesh is not complete without a paan and especially a Giloripaan. This paan is made from malai and it just melts in your mouth as you put it in and start to chew. This fusion paan is one of a kind and it can only be found in this place, specifically in Lucknow.

Make sure to taste these four unique treats when you are visiting Uttar Pradesh.

Elisa Ghosh

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