Musicians are known to have a perfect pitch

Let us know about singers with superhuman ability to sing perfectly in tune, every time.

What is a perfect pitch? Is the ability inborn, or you could develop it?

Being pitch perfect is a skill that an ordinary person can just dream about. It is the ability to reproduce or identify a musical note without any instruments. Experts believe that that one in 10,000 has a pitch that is perfect. They also believe that the reason behind it can be attributed to certain genetic factors or early brain development. But now the studies also prove that you could easily develop a perfect pitch with determination, hard work and a lot of practice. So, here is the list of talented musicians who could beat anyone in Karaoke night, With their perfect pitch.

Michael Jackson and his insane prep that goes for that flawless performance., always wanted to sing alongside legendary Michael Jackson, and he did. In the year2009he got an opportunity to sing a song. According to, he was in awe of the singer who prepped up and warmed his throat for three long hours and sang a 5 minutes song and the result is a perfect song that could warm your heart.

 Yanni was judged by an interviewer to judge his ability to understand and know about the keys of a piano.

An interviewer from the magazine “Dateline” once tested Yanni’s ability to understand the sound and the pitch. He made Yanni identify keys after choosing them randomly. To everyone’s greatest surprise, Yanni picked the keys correctly every single time.

Mariah Carey, a girl who knows her music extremely well.

The queen of the pop, her name is synonyms to perfection on the stage. Her absolute pitch, high notes is legendary. It is believed that this talent was at first discovered by Carey’s mother and that too at the mere age of four.

Bing Crosby, a singer who even snored in a perfect pitch.

There is a very interesting and hilarious anecdote shared by Hoagy Carmichael in his autobiography. He explains that once, he shared a berth in a train with Bing Crosby. He further says that Bing has a peculiar sleep habit. He could fall asleep in a moment, and his snores were in perfect pitch too.

So, what do you think? Have you heard anything of the above-mentionedartists?