Must Try Food Walks In India

Explore the best of what the country has to offer when it comes to food.

Every corner of every city in India is a hub for the best street food of the country. The tantalizing aromas emanating in the bylanes of the country are enough to make you want to reach for a plate of delicious food. From the golgappa to the humble kachori, Indian street food has created a market for themselves. Naturally people from all over the world visiting the Indian cities love to dedicate one day and more to walking and exploring the vibrating street food corners in every city. Here are some of the most popular food walks in India that would take you on a delicious journey.


This religious city of India is famous for its beautiful ghats, majestic temples and peaceful ambience. However, food is the religion celebrated here first and foremost. Walk around the narrow lanes of the city where almost every corner is occupied by people waiting in line to get their hand on hot and crispy kachoris. Besides kachoris, make sure to indulge in some tomato chaat and a glass of some cold thandai. While you are exploring the city, explore its diverse selection of sweets as well like the malaichhenna roll. If you are in Varanasi during the winters, walk over to a street stall serving the season’s delicacy called malaiyo made from the foam of milk and dewdrops.


Kolkata is the best known by its street food. The city has integrated many foreign flavors with the Indian cuisine and formed delicious dishes of its own. A food walk in Kolkata should typically include an assortment of various street food items including phuchka commonly known as golgappa in other parts of India, the infamous sweets of the city including roshogolla, and of course kathi rolls. Do not miss out on the generations old Jewish bakery that offer delicious sweet treats..


The food walks of Chennai would take you through the rich history of food of the city. Mostly exploring one of Chennai’s oldest neighborhoods, Sowcarpet, the street food market here includes recipes that are age old and a true reflection of the city’s diverse culture. You can opt for a humble dosa or some delicious idly as you walk around snacking on some murkku. Food walk in Chennai is all about its traditional and heart-filling food.

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