Parents And Their Importance In Love Life

The balance between family and love life is extremely important..

The first ever human relation builds up in one's life is with the mother, and then the father, if there. All other relations grow up afterwards. Hence, the relationship with parents and their mutual involvement in each others' life is definitely more prudential than the other relations.

In the first world countries, the culture is quite advanced in a liberal way that the parents provide enough liberty to choose their own way of life from a very early age. But in the other countries, especially in the third world backward countries, there is no such practice or cultural scope of liberty, hence the involvement goes for so long, even after the offsprings' marriage.

But, neither excessive unnecessary involvement, nor excessive liberty from the parents can be healthy for someone while getting into a lovestic relationship.

There should be a balance of both. Why and how, is described below.

Parents role during adolescence

During adolescence, childrens go through a phase of excitement, hormonal rush, hyper-emotion and hypersensitivity. During those days, it is easy to get diverted towards some wrong way. The task of the parents is not to forbid their offspring from doing something, rather to make them aware of the situation, good & bad, and possible consequences and let them do what they want. If they do something wrong and suffer from something due to that wrong decision, parents can help them to cope up, but nothing more than that.

Parents role during adultery

During this phase, parents shouldn’t behave like superiors, rather as friendly guides, or just good friends. There should be a friendly, convincing approach even if there is something wrong according to the parents.

Limits of interference

Sometimes, especially in third world countries, there is a complex tension between the parents and their son or daughter-in-laws or so. It seems like a competition about getting more control. It is a terrible culture which needs to be changed.

Parents shouldn’t interfere in the chemistry and understanding between the two partners.

Breaking stereotypes

In third world countries, there are such stereotypes as discussed above. These are some vigorous and ridiculous practices which should be taken care of on an immediate basis.