Popular songs that musicians have refused to play

Sometimes musicians have enough of their own music!

Imagine going to a concert by your favourite musician. You have anticipated this moment for a long time, and you cannot wait for them to play your favourite track. But in the concert, the artist refuses to play that song, even though it is one of their most popular tracks. This situation is very common; artists sometimes grow out of their own popular numbers. As they say, that a creative mind needs new things to excite them; perhaps that is the case with many famous artists. Here is a list of popular songs that musicians have refused to play.

You are beautiful

This famous number from singer James Blunt has made us swoon from the time it was released in the year 2004. The number is, without a doubt, the biggest hit from the singer, but Blunt thinks that the song is so overplayed that it has started to annoy him. In an interview, he confessed that the song was so forced-fed down to the people’s throat that they started to associate him with that single song only which was quite annoying and frustrating.

Stairway to Heaven

No one can deny the sheer magnetism and popularity of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. But the lead singer Robert Plant was not so happy playing the hit numberand considers the song a chapter in his career; he won’t like to revisit. So much so, that song is played only at the band’s reunions; he refuses to perform this song in solo concerts.

Shiny Happy people

R.E.M’s hit number Shiny Happy People was a chartbuster, and everyone loved it. But the group was not so happy with the song and felt it didn’t enrich them creatively. Michael Stipe shared that the number was written for children and was a boppy fruity pop. The band has not played the song for the longest time.

Tears in Heaven

Eric Clapton wrote this song in memory of his four-year-old son, who fell down from an apartment in New York in the year 1991. The song was truly heart wrenching and painful, and that is the reason why he didn’t want to perform the song anymore. He says that he doesn’t want painful memories to revisit him when he has healed and moved on in his life.

Which one of these songs do you wish they played onstage one more time?

Priyadarshini Kaul

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