Every TV series has at least one iconic eating location. We have listed 3 cafes for you to visit from your favourite series and tv show that actually exist.

Have you ever thought of jumping right into the screen while watching your favourite series? Especially when you see your favourite characters sipping on a cup of coffee or hogging on food repetitively at the same coffee shop or restaurant and wondering how that would taste in real life. Check out these real-life cafes that you see on the reel in your favourite series.

  1. CENTRAL PERK – FRIENDS – (Beijing)

The show that can probably never fade its charm is although set in New York till the last episode but has its fans everywhere. One such fan from Beijing led him to replicate Central Perk. From the brick walls to the handwritten menu on the wall to the famous orange couch to the FRIENDS font so well put. Everything looks so real.

They play FRIENDS episodes all day long and have CUPCAKES named after each character If you are a FRIENDS fan, you must visit this cafe to sip on some nice coffee and delicious cupcakes. The staff has adapted names of the characters so that you don’t miss out on the feeling of having Rachel, Monica, Joey, Chandler, Phoebe and Ross’s around. The menu has famous dishes and drinks from the show. So When in Beijing, do visit CENTRAL PERK for your love and nostalgia for FRIENDS.

  1. Rocko’s (Pop’s Chock’Lit Shoppe ) – RIVERDALE (British Columbia)

Ever dreamt of sipping sodas in Pop Tate’s shop like the famous Riverdale gang?

The diner from Riverdale is a real place that you can visit. If you are a RIVERDALE fan, you know what to order for. Yes, the Juicy burgers you see Jughead hogging on, or fancy milkshakes Archie sips on. The milkshakes at Rocko’s are named after the characters from Riverdale. The milkshakes, burgers and French toasts are “Must try” if you get a chance to visit Rocko’s.

Rocko’s is open 24/7 and is located in Mission, which is about an hour out of Vancouver.

  1. The Campbell Apartment – Gossip Girl (New York)

The Campbell Apartment, where B & S are often spotted gossiping about Chuck Bass throughout the series. We are sure you’ve always wanted to just get through the screen and walk into the Campbell Apartment. You can do that in real life. It’s located in Grand Central Station and its interiors are very much similar to what it looks like on-screen. You can enjoy delicious mocktails and fanciest of food here. Go there and explore when you get a chance. XoXo Gossip Girl.

Choosing which one to visit first?


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