Samuel Hahnemann- The father of Homeopathy

Once Dr Hahnemann said- The sole and raised mission of the doctor is to re-establish the health of the sick, which is called cure. 

From a German physician to the father of Homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann became the first to introduce the art and science of Homeopathy to the world. He came up with an idea of alternative medicine for treating bloodletting and purging, and he landed upon years of research. It led his way towards the introduction of Homeopathy medicines.

The early life of Dr Hahnemann

Christian Fredrick Samuel Hahnemann was born on 10th April 1755. Growing up as the son of a porcelain painter in Germany, he started his primary education until his family could afford to put him into a school. In the field of homoeopathy, 10th April is red-letter day.

Dr Hahnemann started his schooling at the age of twelve years from a Town school in Meissen. He was a quick learner, and his interests in languages helped him master the languages like English, Greek, French, Italian and Latin. His proficiency in different languages became helpful when he started studying medicine at the University of Leipzig. Samuel used to earn his bread butter by translating books or teaching French and German languages.

Later, he moved to Vienna in search of better scope. Under the mentorship of Dr Von Quarine, he started learning to practice medicine from Brother of Mercy hospital. To earn his daily necessities in Vienna, he worked as a librarian and family physician. He faced financial issues throughout his journey during the study of medicine. Eventually, he completed his studies and received his MD degree from Erlangen University in 1779.

His career in the field of medicine

After graduation, he started his practice as a doctor in a village in Mansfield. He also practised in various other places before settling in Dresden in 1784 with his wife, Johanna Kuchler. Then the couple eventually moved back to Leipzig in the year 1789. Samuel started writing medical essays for several journals and also published his first book in the year 1784.

Determination to bring a change

During the era of his practice, he came across many illogical and superstitious methods of treatment. This sight was disturbing and delusional for him. Thus, he decided to abandon his medical practice and work as a translator of medical and scientific books.

In 1790, he came across a theory in Cullen’s Materia Medica about the treatment of malaria that prompted his mind. It was a turning point in his life as this propelled him to conduct his experiments.

Samuel conducted series of experiments to prove his theory about an alternative method of medical practice. He published his ideas in Essays and journals, and hence he introduced Homeopathy.

Till today, Homeopathy is effective in curing many diseases.

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